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US Privacy Signal Deprecation Deadline Extended To January 31, 2024

After receiving feedback from working group members and MSPA participants, IAB Tech Lab will extend support for the US Privacy signal until January 31, 2024. This is an extension beyond the deprecation deadline of September 30, 2023. This transition period will help businesses complete their technical implementation of the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) and align their privacy practices with evolving privacy legislation.

Key items of awareness:

  1. Specification Deprecation: The US Privacy String will be deprecated as this was originally developed with specific support of CCPA compliance. This specification has not been updated since 2020 and deprecation means Tech Lab will no longer maintain this standard.
  2. Support of State Signals: Five US States have effective privacy laws in 2023 and these new state privacy signals–VA, CO, CT, & UT–are not supported by the legacy US Privacy signal. However, these new state signals are supported by the GPP. GPP will also be the specification where support for the next six state signals is included.
  3. GPP Section Support: With the deprecation of the US Privacy specification, the US Privacy section (section id 6 and api prefix uspv1) of the GPP should no longer be used. 

Even with extended support for the US Privacy signal to January 31, 2024, it is highly recommended to adopt the Global Privacy Platform well in advance of the deprecation date. The GPP is the only privacy signaling mechanism available to signal consumer privacy choices for all US states with privacy laws and it will be the standard for each additional state added in 2024 and beyond.

Please visit here to learn more about the Global Privacy Platform. For more information about the MSPA, visit


Jared Moscow
Director of Product, Privacy & Addressability
IAB Tech Lab