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Joining the IAB Tech Lab is about providing the digital marketing supply chain with technology services and solutions. As part of this consortium, members have the following benefits:

    • DRIVE EFFICIENCY & ROI | Early insight into evolving industry standards and technologies that support interoperability and innovation
    • INFLUENCE THE INDUSTRY | Access to working groups to guide standards development and gain recognition for contributions
    • BUILD TRUST | Adoption of standards and compliance programs that facilitate trust and transparency for the industry and your company
    • BE EMPOWERED | Access to code repositories, with the option to contribute
    • GAIN BUSINESS ACUMEN | Verification of your business partners’ compliance with standards through supply chain data
    • LEARN & BE INSPIRED | Special entry to industry events, webinars, trainings – including opportunities to network with 700+ member companies
    • ACTIVATE WISELY | Sponsor opportunities for highly targeted industry events
    • ENJOY DISCOUNTS | Preferred pricing on Tech Lab products and services such as Spiders and Bots list, compliance programs, Transparency Center

* Annual global revenue for the most recently completed fiscal year.

** A 25% discount is available to advertisers, agencies (including agency holding companies) and non-profit organizations.

** A 25% discount is available to companies headquartered outside of the United States and with greater than 50% of annual global revenues earned outside of the United States.

** If applicable, both discounts may be utilized for a combined discount of 50%.