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Board Membership Benefits

  • Influence and guide the strategic direction for Tech Lab

    • Propose, prioritize, and approve major new initiatives

  • Exclusive access to IAB Tech Lab expertise

    • CEO/COO onsite – Discuss new standards, current themes, industry topics and product roadmap

    • Meet The Tech Lab – Team to share progress, updates or conduct specific meetings to solve business issues

    • Annual “Tech Lab Industry Education” sessions exclusively available to Board companies 

    • Other exclusive briefings or education on request – hot industry topics (e.g., AI & Sustainability)

    • Board member preference for TL speaking or being on a panel at various industry events

  • Board Member Only Content

    • Law Firms in Residence – exclusive access to presentations on pressing legal & regulatory issues globally

    • Board Only Subgroups (e.g., AI Subcommittee) 

  • Position your company as a leader in the industry’s biggest topics

    • Be seen as a credible expert through speaking opportunities at the industry’s leading events

    • Active development of by-lines, blog posts for publications, and board member featured articles in our Newsletters

    • Branding on IAB Tech Lab website and marketing materials

  • Participation and exclusive event benefits

    • Speaking opportunities including 1 complimentary speaking engagement per year at Tech Lab event

    • Priority access to sponsorship packages, discount on Tech Lab sponsorship packages

    • Exclusive 2-week preview to event content before any Tech Lab members for sponsorship opportunities

  • Exclusive Board Discounts

    • Free Transparency Center API Access!

    • (2) Free passes and (2) extra discounted passes to paid Tech Lab events

    • Exclusive discounts to IAB Annual Leadership Meeting for the board seat

IAB Technology Laboratory, Inc. (“Tech Lab”)
Voluntary Membership Dues For Board Members