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Understanding Differential Privacy: A powerful tool for Ads Privacy

We are pleased to release the final version of Differential privacy guidance- a must-read guide for Advertisers, Publishers, and Ad tech vendors 

Protecting user privacy has recently become a hot-button topic, both for legal compliance and to safeguard first-party data. 

There is a dizzying array of different approaches to making individual data private, and it can be hard to navigate how they differ from each other. One of the most prominent techniques, Differential Privacy, can be particularly difficult to approach and is surrounded by a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings about how it can be applied to interactive advertising.

IAB Tech Lab’s Rearc Addressability and Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) Working Group has developed an informational guide on Differential Privacy for decision makers, analysts and product developers working with advertisers, publishers and ad tech providers to demystify the technology, scope and application of Differential Privacy.

“Output privacy is an indispensable capability within the PETs toolbox (particularly for measurement and attribution), and this document provides essential context and pointers for decision makers as they evaluate and adopt new workflows within the advertising ecosystem,” said Andrei Lapets, VP of Engineering at Magnite

This guide is intended to give a broad overview of Differential Privacy for a general audience working in the advertising technology industry such as brands, publishers or technology vendors. Readers should come away with a better understanding of what Differential Privacy is (and isn’t), how it differs from other privacy approaches (and how it’s not the same thing as just adding noise) and how it can be applied to advertising use cases (including an in-depth example of attribution measurement).

You can download the guide here

This document is possible thanks to the numerous contributors from across the IAB TL Membership for high quality contributions in working group meetings and formal public comments during the review period.

Andrew Knox
Product Manager