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What is Ad Blocking?

Simply stated, ad blocking is technology that consumers use to prevent the download or display of advertising.

Browser extensions are the most common forms of ad blocking

  • Browser extensions can:
    • Block the request for an ad (no HTTP request)
    • Collapse the element where the ad would display
  • Ad blocking extensions exist for:
    • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
    • IE has Tracking Protection Lists (TPLs) built in. Edge does not (yet)
  • Most recently…
    • With the iOS9 update, Safari’s Content Blocking Extensions allow for ad blocking, impacting mobile advertising

Other Techniques

  • Using modified Domain Name Services (DNS) can make ad serving domains unreachable so that ads won’t appear when a consumer uses these modified DNS
  • Proxy servers can modify or reject requests and responses to or from ad servers and block ads