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Transparency Center


In the ever-shifting digital advertising ecosystem, it’s more important than ever to share information about how you transact with your partners; such as what standards you adhere to, compliance programs by which you’re certified, and corporate identifiers by which you operate. This metadata can better help the buy and sell side transact with confidence. 

  • IAB Tech Lab aggregates and provides key data sets about ad tech businesses in the areas of industry compliance, business identifiers, and supply chain attributes

  • IAB Tech Lab Members can browse the below data sets via the Data Explorer 

  • IAB Tech Lab offers API access at little or no cost to these commonly structured data sets, which allows companies to access the data programmatically into their advertising decisioning system

  • Result: digital advertising platforms and participants can use this data to conduct safe and reliable transactions

The IAB Tech Lab Transparency Center is an industry owned resource for this metadata about the digital advertising ecosystem. The repository contains structured metadata about publishers, ad tech intermediaries and buyers in a readily consumable format for both humans and machines.

Data Sets


Business Identifiers

Supply Chain

OM SDK Compliance – Companies that have completed IAB Tech Lab OM SDK Compliance certification

Identifiers by Company – search by company to learn by what identifiers the company is known

LMC News Media List – Local News publishers vetted by Local Media Consortium

OM Web Video Domain Access Validation – Companies that have registered for Domain Access Validation and their current validation status

SKAdnetwork ID – Companies that have registered for IAB Tech Lab’s SKAdnetwork list

IAB Canada News Media List – Local News publishers (CA) provided by IAB Canada

Podcast Compliance – Companies that have completed IAB Tech Lab’s Podcast Compliance certification

MSPA Signatory ID – Companies that have signed the Multi-State Privacy Agreement

Sellers.json – IAB Tech Lab’s crawl of sellers.json files

Measurement Compliance – Companies that have completed IAB Tech Lab’s Measurement Compliance program

Specification Adoption – Self attested, or third-party verified, data on the industry standards and specifications that companies are adhering to

Ads.txt (authorized digital sellers) – Validated – IAB Tech Lab’s crawl and aggregation of ads.txt files

Data Transparency Compliance – Companies that have completed IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Compliance program


App-ads.txt – IAB Tech Lab’s crawl and aggregation of app-ads.txt files

AAM Digital Publisher Audit – Companies that have completed Alliance for Audited Media’s Digital Publisher Audit


Supply Chain Validation – Web – IAB Tech Lab’s crawl of ads.txt files with validation between ads.txt and sellers.json entries

BPA iCompli Certification – Companies that have completed the BPA Worldwide iCompli Certification


Supply Chain Validation – App – IAB Tech Lab’s crawl of app-ads.txt files with validation between app-ads.txt and sellers.json entries


Audience Segment Metadata – Full vendor list and audience segment descriptions as defined by IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Standard – used for audience differentiation within IAB Tech Lab’s “Seller-defined Audiences” addressability approach.

Interested in a data set not yet featured? Contact to share your thoughts.

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A premium addition to Tech Lab’s members and partners, the Transparency Center aims to become a one stop shop for key data points used to transact more safely in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Browsing the data sets within IAB Tech Lab’s Data Explorer is free to members. Not an IAB Tech Lab Member yet? Contact our membership team about our Corporate Membership or check out our Introductory Membership option.

Programmatic access is available for annual subscription purchase per the below schedule:

API Access

Member Price

Non-Member Price







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If you are interested in positioning your brand at the forefront of transparency, become a premier sponsor of the Transparency Center (different time frame options available). Please reach out to to learn more.