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APAC Communications Group


Operations for IAB Tech Lab (Tech Lab) in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are now up and running, with a physical presence in Australia and India supporting across the APAC region, including South East Asia, China and Japan. Keep abreast of the latest news, developments, events by regularly revisiting this page, viewing the forthcoming our past events and also registering with us for regular newsletters and updates.

The opportunity to register will follow shortly – and for now you can always email us at IAB Tech Lab APAC in order to join the APAC Communications Group. Regardless, we will always ensure that any past events are recorded and made available as soon as is practical.

Future Events

  • Quarterly roundtables are being run in India throughout 2022.
  • The IAB Tech Lab APAC Technical Working Group will be meeting monthly through 2022.

The key objectives of the APAC Technical Working Group will be to engage directly with our members in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, South East Asia & AU/NZ, keep them updated on our work, and gradually work to enable a representative regional forum of product & technical thought leaders that can truly represent these thriving and diverse markets.

As the working group evolves, we’ll look to apply a regional lens when reviewing any existing IAB Tech Lab standards and guidelines, and will also prioritize any specific areas of potential adaptation and customisation. The intention here is to ensure local relevance for optimal engagement and adoption across the APAC region. Additionally we’ll be enabling constructive feedback back into the Tech Lab’s various product leads, whilst also identifying unique regional opportunities and challenges across APAC due the enormous diversity of languages, cultures and consumer behaviours.

This WG will meet regularly once per month (on the third Wednesday) and we strongly encourage our global members to spread the word to your APAC colleagues about this new regional working group – and we warmly welcome them to participate and join these important local discussions.

Blog Posts & Articles

IAB Tech Lab Unveils 2022 Product Roadmap (February 2022)

Google extends Privacy Sandbox proposals to Android (February 2022)

Updates to Google’s Privacy Sandbox proposals – FLEDGE, Topics API & Attribution Reporting API (February 2022)

IAB Tech Lab Launches Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) Working Group To Support The Creation Of Long-Term Sustainable Solutions To Privacy (February 2022)

IAB Tech Lab Releases OpenRTB 2.6 For Public Comment (December 2021)

IAB Tech Lab & Neutronian Partner To Accelerate Data Transparency And Quality Standards For The Digital Supply Chain (November 2021)

IAB Tech Lab Releases Content Taxonomy 3.0 To Enable Contextual Targeting For CTV & Expands News Categories (September 2021)

IAB Tech Lab Launches Transparency Center to Combat Fraud and Enable Accountability and Compliance in the Digital Advertising Supply Chain (August 2021)

Past Events

IAB Tech Lab have recently run a series of informative webinars to introduce the work being undertaken across some core areas of responsibility:

Panel Discussion: Cookieless Future – Is it Bright or Bleak? (Q4 2021)

  • Alex Cone, Vice President, Privacy & Data Protection, IAB Tech Lab
  • Shashank Srivastava, Sr Executive Director – Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki
  • Tejinder Gill, General Manager, India, The Trade Desk
  • Shantanu Sirohi, Chief Operating Officer, Interactive Avenues (moderator)

Panel Discussion: Cookieless but Sweet – A Promising but Evolving Future (Q4 2021)

  • Ramalingam Subramanian, Head – Brand, Marketing & Communications, CoinDCX
  • Rajnish Kumar, Head – Digital & D2C, ITC
  • Vishal Mukesh Parekh, Director – Monetisation, Yahoo
  • Anjali Krishnan, Consumer Experience Lead (India & Bangladesh), Mondelez
  • Shivendra Misra, Director – APAC, IAB Tech Lab (moderator)

IAB Tech Lab’s Transparency Center Webinar (26th August 2021)
In the ever shifting digital advertising ecosystem, it’s more important than ever to share information about how you transact with your partners; like what standards you adhere to, compliance programs by which you’re certified and corporate identifiers by which you operate. This metadata can better help the buy and sell side transact with confidence.

State of ads.txt Adoption & Validating The Supply Chain (4th August 2021)
We learnt more in detail about the status of adoption of these critical industry standards and review the ways in which the new Supply Chain Validation tools can help your business.

Privacy Sandbox & building a privacy-first future for Web Advertising (6th May 2021)
Mike Katayama from Google and Shailley Singh from IAB Tech Lab co-presented and intimately discussed the latest updates on Google’s Privacy Sandbox, the emerging concepts of FLoC and the potential implications for our industry.

Universal IDs, Authenticated Consumers & The Trade Desk’s UID2 (22nd April 2021). The Trade Desk recently submitted Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) to the industry, putting this solution on a path to be managed and operated by independent, objective third parties. A UID2 Token is a user-provided and controlled, persistent identifier for digital advertising.

Contextual Approach to targeting Digital Advertising (8th April 2021) – Karan Dalal from presented how context has always mattered in traditional mediums of advertising, and now with privacy regulations and the anticipated disappearance of third-party cookies from digital, it is re-emerging as a powerful enabler.

Reimagining Identities With Federated Learning & Distributed Ledger Technology (18th March 2021) – Gowthaman Ragothaman from Aquillez introduced attendees to an innovative approach using Distributed Ledger Technology to anonymously manage user IDs while maintaining privacy.

SKAd Networks Tool & IAB Tech Lab Overview (4th March 2021) – the session included an introduction to the SKAdNetwork (SKAN) API and the IAB Tech LAb dedicated too, delivered by Amit Shetty and Shailley Singh.

Mitigating Ad Fraud with IAB Tech Lab Programmatic Transparency Standards (21st January 2021) – Focused on programmatic standards that address challenges related to ad fraud and supply path transparency.

Open Measurement SDK for Web Video (19th January 2021) – An overview of everything you need to know about Open Measurement for Web Video, including technical integration instructions from the development team.

Cross-Screen Ad delivery, Measurement and Brand Safety (17th December 2020) – Focused on mobile and video standards for cross screen delivery of digital advertising, OM SDK and Podcast Measurement Metrics for measurement and taxonomies for ensuring brand safety.

Identity, Data & Privacy (4th December 2020) – Focused on Project Rearc and the IAB Tech Lab work in play to enable consumer privacy; and the accountable and transparent collection, management and usage of consumer data in digital advertising.


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