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OpenData 1.0 Released for Public Comment

Download OpenData 1.0 (Draft in Public Comment until 3/13/2018)

Overview of OpenData 1.0

The new OpenData standard impacts companies who receive data reports from sources such as ad tech vendors, data management platforms, and other partners. For example, an agency or a publisher may receive reports (delivered in excel format or via API connections) from partners that have varied header field names. The process of merging these reports may be manual and tedious, due to the lack of common field names.

OpenData’s first product is a standard nomenclature for campaign performance data. The task force has relied heavily on current existing specification terminology from the OpenMedia specification landscape (including reliance on OpenRTB and OpenDirect definitions where possible).

Members of the OpenData task force contribute to this standard, so that the standard is commonly owned, and not proprietary to one company.

Intended benefits of OpenData are at least threefold:

  • Near-term, data analysts can use OpenData 1.0 as a pivot point to map their incoming reports to a central standard nomenclature.
  • Near-term, operations and traffickers can use OpenData 1.0 to inform how they label reports or use reporting fields to share information about campaigns. (Ideally, the industry can move away from excessively concatenated ad placement names that try to convey too much information, but the name loses meaning when delivered in a report to another company.)
  • Longer-term, companies may converge on a central standard for nomenclature, thereby increasing clarity of reporting and supporting agency and publisher needs. Data management platforms could also use this standard nomenclature to output common standard field names in reports.

The OpenData version 1.0 public comment period has closed. The OpenData Working Group is now working on the final version. Questions can be sent to

IAB Tech Lab Introduces Digital Marketing Industry’s First Data Nomenclature to Facilitate Campaign Reporting Between Publishers, Agencies & Data Management Vendors (Press Release)

Primary IAB Tech Lab Contact for OpenData
Rachit Sharma
Director, Product Management, Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) Programs

Working Group Members
List of OpenData Task Force Members