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Security & Fraud

Security and Fraud: Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency, Security and Brand Safety

Digital advertising is a lucrative and dynamic industry; the innovation, opportunity and audience size of digital advertising makes it the fastest growing media channel in the marketing mix. Whilst this offers an incredible opportunity for companies within the industry, the volume of investment, the relatively low barriers to entry and complex supply chains, makes digital advertising an easy and appealing target for fraudsters.

Ad fraud causes a loss of revenue for publishers, it’s a waste of ad spend for advertisers, it affects the sustainability of our industry, and money made from ad fraud could be funding even worse illegal and nefarious activities! 

We all have a role to play when it comes to combating fraud. We at IAB Tech Lab work to address this issue by creating global standards and technologies that work to bring more transparency to the industry and our supply chains and they can be used together to help ensure ads are being placed in their intended, brand safe environment.

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