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SIMID 1.1 Updates Add Support For Nonlinear Ads

As described in our Simplifying Video Ad Delivery blog post, IAB Tech Lab’s video working groups are modernizing the video stack to better support CTV and mobile platforms, and factoring in safety and usability in video ad delivery. A big part of that update is replacing VPAID with specs that work in the VAST 4 model of handing more control of ad playback to the publisher player.

SIMID (Secure Interactive Media Interface Definition) was first released in 2019 as a replacement for the interactive components of VPAID. SIMID 1.0 introduced a mechanism for supporting interactive ads to be delivered via VAST 4 across platforms. With SIMID, media files are delivered separately from the interactive files, allowing publisher players a secure environment to maintain control of their content streams.

Following the initial release of SIMID, the sub-group continued to develop the specification in consideration of more clarity where there may have previously been some ambiguity and additional sophisticated use cases. The latest release (SIMID 1.1) includes the following updates: 

  1. Support for nonlinear ads.
  2. A SIMID:Creative:requestNavigation message to address in-app handling of external landing page navigation.
  3. New example code.

The SIMID 1.1 updates will be in public comment through November 9. The SIMID sub-group would like to solicit feedback from publishers, ad creative developers and others with particular interest on nonlinear ad formats.

Feedback can be submitted via GitHub or by email sent to:


Mike Midden
Director, Product Management
IAB Tech Lab