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OpenRTB Native subgroup resumes work to update specification

By Jennifer Derke


OpenRTB Native Sub-Group Begins Work on Version 1.2 of the Dynamic Native Ads API Specification

After a brief hiatus, the OpenRTB Native sub-group has resumed biweekly meetings in order to work on the next iteration of the Dynamic Native Ads API specification. This spec describes the native object, including the ad unit and layout. The Native Ads API is designed to be used with OpenRTB and provides fundamentals useful in non-RTB environments like in-app SDK object description.

Potential updates to the spec include features like event trackers, ad choices opt-out flags, and third party ad serving. As always, we will work in sync with the IAB’s Native Ads industry initiatives. The OpenRTB Native Ads working group is open to IAB Tech Lab members. If you have any proposals to the spec or would like to join this working group, please reach out to



Jennifer Derke
Senior Manager, Product Management, IAB Tech Lab