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News Saves Lives

Introducing The News Media Inclusion List for Buyers

The News Media List is a global list of news publishers to enable advertisers, media buyers, and DSPs to create inclusion lists of news websites.

News media is an important source of life-saving information in times of crisis. It is critical that advertising-based funding of news media continues uninterrupted. You can see the previous work that we’ve done to support news media here.

To tactically support local news media globally, IAB Tech Lab has partnered with local industry organizations that have initiatives to screen and maintain lists of news publishers. IAB Tech Lab will publish these lists and include data points about the supply chain to develop greater confidence among buyers placing ads via programmatic real-time bidding methods on news sites.

The Local Media Consortium and IAB Canada, two industry organizations that already had efforts underway to create inclusion lists to support their news media publisher members, support the initial launch. 

“The Local News Inclusion List by the Local Media Consortium and Brand Safety Institute was the first real solution to put local journalism back in front of large marketers and agency buyers of digital advertising to help reduce keyword blocking because news is Brand Safe.  The IAB Tech Lab has done a great service extending the list to others in their membership and beyond while adding ads.txt verification lookup and future automation.” Scott Cunningham, curator and project lead of the Local News Inclusion List. 

Sonia Carreno, President of IAB Canada shares, “We are thrilled to be part of this global effort to support domestic news publishers during these times of uncertainty when citizens are turning to trusted news sources more frequently. This is a major step forward in protecting Canadian publishers from the broader “news terms” blockages that impact all English-speaking news entities around the globe. The IAB Tech Lab list will not only help buyers safely place ads on Canadian news publisher websites, but will also provide buyers important data points about the supply chain to develop greater confidence among buyers placing ads via programmatic real time bidding methods on the listed sites such as ads.txt.”

The News Media List is available within the Tech Lab Tools Portal. Simply login or create a free account, and you can access the News Media List application. Within this app, you will see our list contribution partners and be able to select a specific regional list or select to download all available lists to incorporate into your buying strategy.

The lists are currently delivered as CSV files. In the future, we look to make this information available via API to be more easily accessed and incorporated in programmatic buying environments. 

If you belong to an organization that screens and maintains lists of credible news media publishers and want to contribute to the News Media List initiative, please review the program guidelines and contact us.


Jill Wittkopp
Director, Product Management
IAB Tech Lab