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Launching the IAB Tech Lab OpenData Task Force

By Jennifer Derke

The IAB has outlined a number of business problems around data management for marketers. Digital marketers and buy side platforms are experiencing inefficiencies in data flow for analytics, challenges with nomenclature in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and seeing friction in data merging processes. As partners to the IAB’s Data Center of Excellence, the Tech Lab will develop technical solutions; standards and tools to support successful data integration in the industry. The IAB Tech Lab is launching the OpenData Task Force to answer this call.

The goal of the OpenData Task Force is to develop technical solutions for data strategy challenges in the digital advertising industry; reducing friction by addressing data description, data structure, and data integrity. The initial agenda item for this Task Force is to resolve the need for data field nomenclature normalization. To do this, we will establish best programming practices in ETL, determine a path to standards in nomenclature normalization, and explore engineering a middleware translation layer or an open architecture solution in data management.

Because this is highly technical work, we expect that most participants in this Task Force have technical roles in product management, engineering, or software development and are coming together from agencies/advertisers, DSPs, programmatic exchanges, data infrastructure platforms, cross-infrastructure/analytics companies, billing/reconciliation tech, verification tech, DMPs, and other media technology companies. We will also seek participants from buy-side ad operations and analytics leaders from agencies. Participants have technical expertise and passion about data in advertising and media.

IAB Tech Lab Members can join the IAB Tech Lab OpenData Task Force by registering for participation here. Please email for more information.


Jennifer Derke
Senior Manager, Product Management, IAB Tech Lab