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IAB Releases Amended Limited Service Provider Agreement for CCPA Compliance

Including minor version changes to the IAB Tech Lab U.S. Privacy String as well as publication of the LSPA Signatory List.

After just over a year in-market, the IAB Legal Affairs Council reviewed applicable regulations and market practice and issued updates to the IAB Privacy, LLC’s Limited Service Provider Agreement (LSPA). Those updates are outlined in detail in this blog post, but notably contain updates to the notice obligations of publishers and the definition of “re-sale”. Additionally, current signatories were asked to provide new information as part of their registration, which was accomplished through a new registration management process for signatories, hosted in the IAB Tech Lab Tools Portal (

The First Amended Agreement is now effective, and the Signatory Identification List is publicly available by downloading a file or setting up API access using Tech Lab’s tools portal. To access, go to and click “Access the Signatory Identification List.” There you will find links to download as json or csv, or you can read the instructions for API access.  

The list automatically updates as Signatories are added or removed. As such, the IAB Privacy, LLC will no longer email copies of the Signatory Identification List. Signatories can now use the API for automatic updates, or they can login to the Tools Portal to download regular updates in csv or json formats. 

Updates to the U.S. Privacy String 

Besides updates to the amended LSPA highlighted in this blog post, the U.S. Privacy String has been updated to support the revised Section 3.3(b) in the First Amended LSPA.

Versions 1-1.1 of the U.S. Privacy String required Publishers to send a Yes/No Signal indicating whether the Publisher had provided explicit notice required by Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.115(d) and the opportunity for a Consumer to Opt-Out of the Sale of Personal Information.  

Version 1.2 of the U.S. Privacy String has been updated so that the Yes/No Signal for CCPA notice will, instead, indicate whether a Publisher has provided notice pursuant to § 1798.100(b), along with providing the opportunity for a Consumer to Opt-Out of the Sale of their Personal Information. This straight-forward change is consistent with the revised Section 3.3(b) of the First Amended LSPA described above.

Release of the amended LSPA is an important technical step forward for collective industry efforts to conform to the CCPA. Tech Lab continues to develop privacy signaling standards for the digital advertising supply chain in the Global Privacy Working Group. Get involved in helping Tech Lab deliver helpful standards and tools today!  

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