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Navigating the Maze of Identity Solutions: A Guide for Advertisers, Publishers, and AdTech

Understanding the landscape of ID solutions

Identity solutions harness a multitude of signals to paint a comprehensive picture of the digital consumer. These signals range from deterministic data, where the identity is known with reasonable certainty, to browser and device data, where identities are inferred based on predictive patterns and correlations. Whether you’re navigating through hashed emails, device IDs, or probabilistic identifiers, the guide aims to simplify the new wave of identity solutions.  

Backstage crew of a Broadway show

Identity in advertising isn’t just about hitting the bullseye with your ads—it’s the secret sauce that spices up the entire recipe of programmatic advertising. Identity powers data connectivity, which enables targeting and measurement, and unsung heroes like frequency management and audience suppression. In the ID Solutions Guide, we break down all the use cases ID solutions can power in the programmatic value chain.

Unleashing ID solutions

Deploying cookieless ID solutions is similar to a well-coordinated relay race. The publisher captures the user’s consent preferences like a baton pass, along with other signals such as hashed email and IP address, before seamlessly handing off to the ID provider (via a client or server-side connection e.g. prebid install). Just like a relay team member sprinting to the next runner, the ID provider swiftly responds with a user ID, ensuring a smooth pseudonymous transition to the SSPs, who prepares to pass the baton directly to DSP, or translates to a transactable Deal ID. Our guide outlines the flow of consent, signal and sequence from publisher site visit to registering a conversion event on the advertiser property.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the Identity Solutions Guide:

  • Use cases: How does a solution enable advertising use cases? What problem does it solve?
  • Methodology: Which signals inform the solution? What methods are used to reconcile the identity of a user?
  • Scale: How widespread is the ID solution’s publisher adoption? How does it increase match rates? Which buy side platforms have adopted?
  • Quality:  How accurately can the ID solution reconcile the identity of a user?
  • Interoperability: Is the solution compatible with other technology platforms in your tech stack?
  • Cost: What’s the price tag? 
  • Approach to Privacy: How does the solution or vendor handle consumer privacy and adhere to regulations?
  • Data Leakage: How does the solution contain data leakage and ensure security?

The ID Solutions Guide can be downloaded here

Embracing the Future 

As we stand on the threshold of a new era in digital advertising, characterized by increased emphasis on consumer privacy and data protection, the ID Solutions guide empowers stakeholders across the digital advertising ecosystem to navigate the ever-changing landscape with confidence. The guide provides actionable steps on how these solutions can contribute to generating sustainable advertising revenue streams. So, equip yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate your way towards success.


Anissa Conor
Senior Product Manager
Eli Heath
Head of Identity