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GPP Extensions Addressing Privacy Regulations with State-Specific Updates

In the dynamic ecosystem of digital advertising, maintaining adherence to ever-evolving privacy regulations is paramount. Over the coming months, starting with July 1st, we will hit the effective dates for State privacy regulations in Florida, Montana, Oregon, and Texas. Consequently, the updates to extend the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) equip implementers with technical specifications for each of these four states. A public comment period, running until Monday, June 10th, accompanies this initiative. Stakeholders are encouraged to contribute their feedback either by directly commenting on the Pull Request or by reaching out via email to Let’s delve deeper into the work led by the Global Privacy Working Group.


The Pull Request introduces extensions to GPP, incorporating new state sections for Florida, Montana, Oregon, and Texas. These additions are critical for implementers taking a state-specific approach with their compliance strategy. Furthermore, the Section Information has been updated to reflect the inclusion of these new states, thus providing comprehensive coverage.


  1. GPP Extensions & New State Sections: Dedicated folders and README files have been created for each state mentioned, along with technical specifications. The technical specifications for each state aim to aid with GPP support and help implementers stay ahead of regulatory requirements.
  2. Public Comment Period: Stakeholder feedback is actively sought during the public comment period, extending until Monday, June 10th. Comments can be submitted directly on the PR or via email to
  3. Commit Overview: The PR encompasses a series of nine commits, each addressing specific tasks related to the inclusion of state-specific updates. Commit messages provide transparency and insight into the changes made.

Changes Overview

  • Florida: Introduction of the FL State Section folder, along with its README file and technical specification.
  • Montana: Creation of the MT State Section Folder, including Montana’s technical specification for GPP extension.
  • Oregon: Similar to Montana, the OR State Section folder and its README file have been added, accompanied by the GPP extension based on Oregon’s technical specification.
  • Texas: The TX State Section folder has been created, along with its README file and GPP extension adhering to Texas’s technical specification.
  • Section Information Update: Amendments have been made to the Section Information file, incorporating new rows for the four states, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Next Steps

Your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated during this public comment period. We encourage thorough review and constructive criticism to refine the implementation further. Once public comment is complete and the feedback is incorporated, we will proceed with merging these changes into the main branch.

Jared Moscow
Director of Product, Privacy & Addressability
IAB Tech Lab