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Enhancing Transparency and Combatting Ad Fraud: Upgrade to Supply Chain Plus API

The IAB Tech Lab’s Supply Chain API has been a cornerstone for subscribers seeking accurate and up-to-date Ads.txt and App-ads.txt data for millions of domains, mobile apps, and CTV environments. In response to customer and member feedback, we are introducing the Supply Chain Plus API. The new service tier comes with increased crawl frequency of five days per week, up from the current three days. This upgrade is designed to provide subscribers with near real-time data, ensuring improved accuracy and data freshness.

The key objectives of this enhancement are threefold:

1. Data Freshness: Customer onboarding is faster by providing subscribers with daily weekday updates of Ads.txt data. Sellers no longer have to wait a day or two to ensure the accuracy and validity of ads.txt entries. The data is available the next day.

2. Easier troubleshooting: As a buyer or seller trying to understand why a path is unauthorized that you believe should be authorized, daily data updates make troubleshooting easier. Users don’t have to worry about the freshness of the ads.txt crawl, they can focus more solely on ensuring that sellers have adhered to the standard.

3. Accuracy: Supply Chain Plus API comes with another critical feature. Plus, subscribers will now receive a file hash in the API response. This feature allows you to confirm that you’ve downloaded the complete file and there is no missing data, offering an extra layer of assurance

These enhancements reaffirm the IAB Tech Lab’s commitment to our members using the Supply Chain API. This data set is a critical industry resource and should be used to validate every transaction. We continue to work to make the data available at a low cost to the market at a frequency that keeps up with the speed of our member’s businesses.

The primary feature of the Plus tier is the increased crawl frequency and file hash, but the Supply Chain API will retain its existing features:

  • Access to Ads.txt and App-ads.txt data for millions of domains and apps.
  • Support for CSV data format.
  • Secure and authenticated access for subscribers.
  • Comprehensive documentation for easy integration.

Increasing crawl frequency has a hard cost for IAB Tech Lab. As an industry trade organization funded by our members, our software and services need cost models that cover their operating costs. While members have asked for the higher 5x per week frequency, some prefer the 3x per week frequency. Our pricing option accommodates members wishing to continue using the base subscription as well as those interested in the upgrade.

The current annual pricing for 3x per week frequency remains the same.

Access to the new Supply Chain Plus API 5 days per week crawler requires an additional $2,500 annually for all companies, regardless of membership status. 

This upgrade will empower member companies to move faster with more real-time data. Subscribers can enhance their capabilities in combating ad fraud and contributing to a more transparent digital advertising ecosystem.


Todd Henry
Senior Product Manager
IAB Tech Lab